Monday, August 23, 2010

Dress Your Home in Vintage - Atomic Starburst

Mid-Century Modern design evolved out of the World War II, Art Deco era in the mid 1940s.  It's aesthetic was casual, modern and affordable.  The atomic starburst pattern became popular in this era, think big concave sunburst mirrors, clocks and flatware patterns.

"Starburst" is a line of dinnerware produced by Franciscan Ware in 1954 - the futuristic, starry pattern fit in well with the 1950's chrome kitchens and appliances.  Around the same time George Nelson was designing his famous asterisk shaped and sunburst modern clocks that became a phenomena.

  1. 1950s Ceramic Three Piece Star Glow Pattern Set from jwhite2
  2. Retro Starburst Dish Set from sparrow
  3. 1960s Wood Starburst Syroco Wall Clock from compostthis
  4. Mod Atomic Coffee Carafe from RoomServiceVintage
  5. Fred Press Design Teardrop Trivet from northbrooklyndrygood
  6. 1960s Lux Petal Wall Clock from compostthis
The atomic starburst design has been embraced today by numerous new designers and vintage collectors.  You'll find this pattern on TV design shows and in the big design magazines.  It's affordable because you can find it everywhere and it's lovely, clean lined pattern adds a lot of character to a room or table.

Atomic Black Starburst Pyrex from freshvintagedesign
Franciscan Starburst Gladding McBean from huenemevintagemodern
Franciscan Starburst Creamer from starlightbetty

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fine Art Friday - Tin Roof! Rusty!

Fall is almost here - the maple in my backyard has a big patch of orange blooming.  Today's picks are all about texture and a rusty Autumn patina, but they're also about taking a closer look.   At first glance, you might not notice they're all actually photographs. Some of them tricked me - but I love how looking so closely at the mundane can yield such beautiful results.

Art Table by buckscountyframes

Vintage Truck by LaurenBPhotography

Pealing Teal by hhhilaryyy

Rust and Paint by DianahsProjects

Rusty Patina Treasury

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fine Art Friday - Chill Out

It's so very hot here, my A/C is cranked as far as it can go and we're living like hermits, hiding from the sun.  I thought this Friday I'd like to focus on art that could put me in a cooler state of mind.

I Brake For Bokeh Photography by Raceytay has been one of my favorites for awhile - I am a proud owner of her work.  This shot makes me think of late night walks in the city, the quiet crunching of snow underfoot, and the cold glow of phosphorous street lamps illuminating your way.

Old Man Winter Was Here by Raceytay

I'm a big fan of coolranchstudio - Caroline's paintings are so whimsical and sweet.  I've got one of her pieces on the wall in my studio - every time I walk by my little fox he puts a smile on my face. 

New Scarf by coolranchstudio

ryancolemanart is a new discovery for me - his giclee pieces are so full of movement and motion - Interrupted by Sky looks like the winter sky has just opened up and poured it's heavy burden onto the city.

Interrupted by Sky by ryancolemanart

I also recently stumbled upon FrancesPhotography - Frances Seward's work plays with light in such a fantastic way.  Arctic Moonrise captures that eerie winter night silence after a snowstorm, when the earth seems to glow.

Arctic Moonrise by FrancesPhotography

Hope this put some goosebumps on your arms - stay cool!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dress Your Home in Vintage - Avocado Green

I love avocado green.  I would be one of those people who bought the avocado refrigerator in the 1970s (who am I kidding, if they still made them today I'd have one).  I love the creamy green-ness, the vintage feel of the color - there are so many little ways to add it to your decor.

Set of four Melamine cups from RedEyeVintage - I like these for grabbing a cup of coffee on the deck

Vintage Potato Ricer from TheFancyLamb - these make amazingly creamy mashed potatoes

Avocado Green and White Thermos Pitcher from SkinnyandBernie - perfect for serving after dinner coffee at the table

Mod Flower Chips and Dip Platter from SixtytoSeventy - pop of color for a party

Imperial Japanese Sectioned Plates from reveriecollectibles - I do love keeping my food separated

Instant Thermos Collection from uglysanta - nice for taking hot soup for lunch in the fall

Set of Three Apple Trays from YouAreYou - great for serving after school snacks

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster from kim505vintage - remember licking pudding off these mixers?

1970s Avocado Green Dust Pan from Vintagegoods2 - makes cleaning a little more fun

Vintage Handmade Needlepoint Pillows from Luncheonettevintage - vintage AND handmade!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fine Art Friday - Mixed Media

I know it's Saturday, but yesterday was #MigraineFriday for me. For Fine Art Friday I'm featuring artists who use mixed media in their work.  I'm inspired by last week's Work of Art challenge where the artists had to incorporate something from nature into their piece.  Some took this quite literally, using twig and branches, others found another way using grit and gravel with charcoal as their medium.  I'm looking forward to next week's finale, however I'm sad to see the show ending.  I'd like to see a season two.

I found these tree paintings by Anika Easter yesterday and fell in love.  The rich ocher tones are so warm and the texture from the moss - I'd have a hard time not touching the spongy branches.
Moss Forest by Anika Easter

Moss Tree by Anika Easter

These mixed media works by Glyn Walton make me catch my breath.  I could stare at them for hours - each dome feels like a captured memory or slice of time.

The Cyclist by MiniMemoryWorlds

The White Horse by MiniMemoryWorlds

I'm also drawn to his memory boxes.

Cycling Against Progress by MiniMemoryWorlds

I'm fascinated by the work of Stacey Chinn - she has such interesting pieces that demand you look and investigate.  A little strange, sometimes eerie, full of found objects and a unique point of view.

Bounty by staceychinn

Nutty by staceychinn

I love how mixed media requires more interaction between viewer and artist.  The 3D element draws you in, creating texture and space, allowing you to place yourself inside. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pantone Picks

Surfing through Etsy using Pantone's Fall Color preview as a guide - I found lots of picks in autumn's hot colors.

Turquoise, the color of the year, is transforming to Lagoon for fall
Elegant Cowl Neck by Tasifashion

Living Coral is warm and rosey
Zipper Pouch Cosmetic Bag by allsiajacobs

Endive is a fresh, glowing green
Crescent Pearl Cluster Earrings by ThePeachTree

Lipstick Red pops with color

Trifle Handspun Thread by fiberstory

Golden Glow, a warm mustard yellow
Honey Mustard Chalcedony Earrings by SleepyMoonDesign

Purple Orchid, very rich and royal
Fuzzy Large French Lilac Bowl by thefuzzymonkey

Chocolate Truffle is delicious
Leather Poppy Wrislet by tmStudioDesigns

Woodbine is a mossy olive green

Olive Green Space Age Mod Dress from jessejamesjake

Oyster Gray is soft and reflective

Gold and Silver Festive Leaves Garland by kanokwalee

Dusty Rose another warm, subtle tone
The Traveler Journal in Dusty Pink by peaseblossomstudio

How are you incorporating this season's colors into your creative palate? Please share your fall creations in the comments!