Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fine Art Friday - Mixed Media

I know it's Saturday, but yesterday was #MigraineFriday for me. For Fine Art Friday I'm featuring artists who use mixed media in their work.  I'm inspired by last week's Work of Art challenge where the artists had to incorporate something from nature into their piece.  Some took this quite literally, using twig and branches, others found another way using grit and gravel with charcoal as their medium.  I'm looking forward to next week's finale, however I'm sad to see the show ending.  I'd like to see a season two.

I found these tree paintings by Anika Easter yesterday and fell in love.  The rich ocher tones are so warm and the texture from the moss - I'd have a hard time not touching the spongy branches.
Moss Forest by Anika Easter

Moss Tree by Anika Easter

These mixed media works by Glyn Walton make me catch my breath.  I could stare at them for hours - each dome feels like a captured memory or slice of time.

The Cyclist by MiniMemoryWorlds

The White Horse by MiniMemoryWorlds

I'm also drawn to his memory boxes.

Cycling Against Progress by MiniMemoryWorlds

I'm fascinated by the work of Stacey Chinn - she has such interesting pieces that demand you look and investigate.  A little strange, sometimes eerie, full of found objects and a unique point of view.

Bounty by staceychinn

Nutty by staceychinn

I love how mixed media requires more interaction between viewer and artist.  The 3D element draws you in, creating texture and space, allowing you to place yourself inside. 

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