Monday, August 9, 2010

Dress Your Home in Vintage - Avocado Green

I love avocado green.  I would be one of those people who bought the avocado refrigerator in the 1970s (who am I kidding, if they still made them today I'd have one).  I love the creamy green-ness, the vintage feel of the color - there are so many little ways to add it to your decor.

Set of four Melamine cups from RedEyeVintage - I like these for grabbing a cup of coffee on the deck

Vintage Potato Ricer from TheFancyLamb - these make amazingly creamy mashed potatoes

Avocado Green and White Thermos Pitcher from SkinnyandBernie - perfect for serving after dinner coffee at the table

Mod Flower Chips and Dip Platter from SixtytoSeventy - pop of color for a party

Imperial Japanese Sectioned Plates from reveriecollectibles - I do love keeping my food separated

Instant Thermos Collection from uglysanta - nice for taking hot soup for lunch in the fall

Set of Three Apple Trays from YouAreYou - great for serving after school snacks

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster from kim505vintage - remember licking pudding off these mixers?

1970s Avocado Green Dust Pan from Vintagegoods2 - makes cleaning a little more fun

Vintage Handmade Needlepoint Pillows from Luncheonettevintage - vintage AND handmade!!


UglySanta said...

This is a fantastic collection and I'm honored to be included! I am a child of the 60s and 70s so I lived in an avocado green world for many years. Of course at the time, I loathed it but now I can't get enough!!

TheFancyLamb said...

Avocado green is a color I love to hate and hate to love. I think you should pop over to Big Chill and put in a request for the avocado fridge...hard to believe they don't carry that color!

. said...

[for luncheonettevintage] Between Santa and Fancy I think it's been put beautifully, but let me say that an odd sense of deja vu always stirs up in me at the sight of a particularly thick avocado green object. So with this post, I'm reeling. In a good way. In a "wow, that's an amazing dustpan!" way. Thanks so much for including the pillows!

JarosDesigns said...

Oh I should Robin! And I know just what you mean about the dustpan and deja vu. We had an avocado green velvet couch growing up - the sight of the color makes me smell my Dad's cigarette smoke - but it's a good olfactory memory ;)

CreaShines said...

Love, love LOVE it! It's my dream to have a rainbow kitchen some day (the colors, not necessarily the shape;) and this green will fit in perfectly!