Monday, October 19, 2009

The Beginning

Going to give this a try. I am lucky to have found a passion recently. Or maybe you have to wait until your 30s to find this - why didn't someone tell me? Creating jewelry is unlike anything I've ever done - I dream about jewelry, I live jewelry, I eat/sleep in gemstone reverie. I'm one of many in an ocean of faceted colors, sparkling rondelles and sterling silver - but I have to make my mark. I have found that I can't force it. But when I get the idea for a piece, I have to write it down, or it can forever slip into that forgotten corner of my mind, gathering dust. And if I do attempt to make it - the real art is in the execution. If I can't make it (jewelry, a painting, a drawing, etc) like the image in my mind - well that's a kind of failure to me. It might take a different route, inspire something new - which is fine and good, but I have found that the real art is making it real, taking it out of my head to show to others. Cause they can't see the pretty pictures in my head. I have nothing to show for those lonely, abandoned ideas.

Lately I've been thinking about painting. I have some ideas, but I'm scared to start. I have to just do it. Hopefully it turns into something - but where do I find the time? Between cooking fish sticks, taking the Stringbean to preschool, walking the dog, cleaning the house - making time for a passion should be easy, but it slips away. If only I didn't need to sleep - but then where would I get my ideas? Well, other than sleep deprived hallucinations.

Beautiful work inspiring me today:
Gray and Mint Simple Necklace
The Sea Abstracted Fine Art Print

Madeira Boro Lampwork Bracelet