Monday, August 23, 2010

Dress Your Home in Vintage - Atomic Starburst

Mid-Century Modern design evolved out of the World War II, Art Deco era in the mid 1940s.  It's aesthetic was casual, modern and affordable.  The atomic starburst pattern became popular in this era, think big concave sunburst mirrors, clocks and flatware patterns.

"Starburst" is a line of dinnerware produced by Franciscan Ware in 1954 - the futuristic, starry pattern fit in well with the 1950's chrome kitchens and appliances.  Around the same time George Nelson was designing his famous asterisk shaped and sunburst modern clocks that became a phenomena.

  1. 1950s Ceramic Three Piece Star Glow Pattern Set from jwhite2
  2. Retro Starburst Dish Set from sparrow
  3. 1960s Wood Starburst Syroco Wall Clock from compostthis
  4. Mod Atomic Coffee Carafe from RoomServiceVintage
  5. Fred Press Design Teardrop Trivet from northbrooklyndrygood
  6. 1960s Lux Petal Wall Clock from compostthis
The atomic starburst design has been embraced today by numerous new designers and vintage collectors.  You'll find this pattern on TV design shows and in the big design magazines.  It's affordable because you can find it everywhere and it's lovely, clean lined pattern adds a lot of character to a room or table.

Atomic Black Starburst Pyrex from freshvintagedesign
Franciscan Starburst Gladding McBean from huenemevintagemodern
Franciscan Starburst Creamer from starlightbetty


lillyella said...

oh this has always been one of my favorite design motifs! I especially love the creamer

Carrie said...

I have the kitchen table that matches this set and since it is just about the only thing I brought with me to Mike's house after we got married, I frequently tell him, "you better be nice to me because if you are not, I'm taking the kitchen table and leaving!"

Jennie@Wedgwood Tulsa said...

This is a really lovely assortment of items you've gathered up. Thanks for including me!


Teresa @ good-grace said...

LOVE these! :)