Friday, August 13, 2010

Fine Art Friday - Chill Out

It's so very hot here, my A/C is cranked as far as it can go and we're living like hermits, hiding from the sun.  I thought this Friday I'd like to focus on art that could put me in a cooler state of mind.

I Brake For Bokeh Photography by Raceytay has been one of my favorites for awhile - I am a proud owner of her work.  This shot makes me think of late night walks in the city, the quiet crunching of snow underfoot, and the cold glow of phosphorous street lamps illuminating your way.

Old Man Winter Was Here by Raceytay

I'm a big fan of coolranchstudio - Caroline's paintings are so whimsical and sweet.  I've got one of her pieces on the wall in my studio - every time I walk by my little fox he puts a smile on my face. 

New Scarf by coolranchstudio

ryancolemanart is a new discovery for me - his giclee pieces are so full of movement and motion - Interrupted by Sky looks like the winter sky has just opened up and poured it's heavy burden onto the city.

Interrupted by Sky by ryancolemanart

I also recently stumbled upon FrancesPhotography - Frances Seward's work plays with light in such a fantastic way.  Arctic Moonrise captures that eerie winter night silence after a snowstorm, when the earth seems to glow.

Arctic Moonrise by FrancesPhotography

Hope this put some goosebumps on your arms - stay cool!


Cristy (Garden 22) said...

What a perfect collection! I love all of it.

caroline said...

i'm so honored to be included - thank you analisa! the color and mood are beautiful. :)