Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dress Yourself in Handmade - Turquoise and Gray

Turquoise was last years hot color, but it doesn't seem to have been replaced with Honeysuckle pink.  I'm still seeing it splashed through the pages of French Vogue, Bazaar and in all sorts of fall fashion reports.  Easier to wear than pink, it adds a so much color to wardrobe basics.

Clockwise from the top:

Battleship Grey Bamboo Cowl Neck Dress by replicca, $70

Lagoon Turquoise Earrings by rachellucie, £20

Leather Stripes Grey Bag by smadars, $169

Seafoam Stained Wood Bangle by vozclothingandart, $12


Anonymous said...

I agree! I wasn't very surprised to see that honeysuckle pink never really took off. Turquoise will always be a favorite!

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

thanks so much! this is a great selection, and I totally agree about turquoise. It's one of those ageless/timeless colours for all in some form.
Rachel x

Anonymous said...

OMG that is extraordinary! I admire your work! Guess I am not as contemporaneous as your usual fans! I swear I have fallen in love with your blog... Breathtaking writing! You're an amazingly talented person, keep up the individuality :)