Monday, August 22, 2011

Dress Yourself in Handmade - First Day of School

I'm taking Kelly to her first day of Kindergarten this week, we're both very excited.  It's got me thinking about all my first days, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and imagining all the first days to come.

Clockwise from the top:

French Black and White Striped Tee by modaspia $45

Brass Pendulum Hoops by GlitzGlitter, $30

Daniela Tote with Vegan Leather Bottom by cindymars7, $37

Refillable Notebook by timeforteame, $28

What's your favorite back to school memory?


modaspia said...

analisa - thanks for including me here, very sweet. i just took my daughter to her first day of kindergarten last week. we start early. funny coincidence. hang in there right?

cindymars7 said...

Thank you so much for including my tote in your lovely blog. One of my favorite back to school memories was when my family moved from NJ to CO. I was a bit nervous for my daughter, as she was starting 6th grade.
Before going in she hugged me and gave me the biggest smile in the world, letting me know that things were going to be allright.

mayka ( Cindymars7 )

GlitzGlitter said...

My favorite memory of going back to school my trip to get new Nikes. It was always such a tough decision which color swoosh to choose :D

Thank you so much, Analisa!!

Anonymous said...

I love that tote! My son started kindergarten last week. Boy is it a big adjustment, both for myself and for him! Ha ha. Best of luck mama.