Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shop Update

I have a pile of gemstones that just arrived but I've put them away until I photograph and list the pile of completed jewelry waiting patiently.  It's easy to get behind on days that I want to keep the creative process going, but sometimes I have to stop and take care of the details.

The sun has shifted over our house and I'm forced to either wake up even earlier to get diffused light or switch to the North side of the house in the afternoon.  I love finding that perfect spot, where the natural light is just hits at all the right angles; it only lasts for an hour or two, but it's worth finding!

Here are some new pieces, with more to come this week!

Queen Bee - Gold Filled and Whiskey Quartz Necklace

Aquarius - Mystic Blue and Gold Filled Earrings

First Snow - Mystic Pearl Chalcedony and Sterling Snowflake Necklace

Muscadine - Lavender Czech Glass and Oxidized Brass Hoops


Heedless said...

Love your photos! beautiful jewelry!

paperdollaccessories said...

great photos as always! Love the queen bee necklace!