Friday, July 30, 2010

Fine Art Friday

Can a TV show make people talk about art?  Make it a dinner table conversation?  Or would that be more like a twitter hashtag now-a-days?  I've been obsessed with Work of Art on Bravo and it seems like I'm not the only one.  It's buzzing around the internet, being sold in stores - Michaels has a huge end cap of canvases, paint, sketchbooks - that can't be a coincidence.  I know these media giants work with retailers and mass marketers, putting out these all-encompassing ad campaigns, but however it has happened, I'm happy to see art spreading.

Last Friday I noticed a #FineArtFriday hashtag and thought, genius!  I also thought it could be the result of the show crossing the streams into the Twitter, internet landscape.  (I also also thought I could use it as an excuse to not have to #FollowFriday anymore) The hashtag is the brainchild of Jessica Torrant, a very talented artist I stumbled upon while sifting through Etsy several months ago.  Her work is abstract, colorful, bold, moody; my favorites have this ethereal quality, a quiet, lovely space I'd like to inhabit.

Horizon Line 2

Flowers for Sharon

Carried Away

Last Friday she tweeted and blogged about the #FineArtFriday hashtag movement, which strives to ride this surge in interest of art and show how accessible and enjoyable it can be.  Share what you like, talk about why you like it, share artists you have discovered in your local area, share your own work! Blog about it, put it on your Facebook wall, tweet some of your favorites and use the hashtag.  She described it as not a trickle down approach but a reaching out movement. Our schools, our students, our society all benefit from art being a part of the curriculum, part of the community, part of the daily discussion of life.


Jessica Torrant said...

You are fabulous for helping me get this movement off it's feet! Thank you for your kind words and appreciation of my work. :)

Sarah John Afana said...

Wonderful to see it catching on!

3 squares said...

Great post! And Jessica's work is truly wonderful.