Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dress Your Home In Vintage - Farmhouse

My kitchen is still a work in progress, but after 5 years, it's almost where I want it to be. It has a farmhouse, vintage feel - cozy, warm, lived in.  I'm not talking sheep and doilies, but I do have a penchant for barn stars.  I've limited myself to one big red one over the kitchen table.  We're in the Midwest, deep in the prairie, I can't help my country tendencies, but I've tried to use authentic, vintage finds instead of mass produced, Chinese, fake Americana decor.  I love having vintage pieces in the kitchen - it makes my 1980s cookie cutter home feel more personal, more loved, more lived in.  Each piece has a memory and history, adding to our family story.

I found this vintage bowl in Garden_22 Vintage shop and had to have it.  It's creamy and warm; it feels like it's been held in many hands.   Right now it's on my counter holding a tower of mail my husband never seems to sort through.  I'm thinking about reclaiming it and putting it on the kitchen table.  It would look great full of apples and pears, but I don't eat apples or pears, so that would be a waste.  I might fill it with potatoes, which we eat a lot of and would still look lovely. 

 Here are some other pieces I'd love to add, but am hoping you buy first so that my kitchen doesn't start to resemble one of those rooms on Hoarders.

Vintage Baking Set from ethanollie - I wouldn't even want to hide these in a cabinet

Petite Bundt Cake Pans from AlicesLookingGlass - perfect excuse for eating an entire cake yourself

Enamelware Canisters from TheFancyLamb - wide mouth for scooping flour and sugar

Primitive Wooden Stool from bellalulu - I'd love this in my kitchen if I wasn't sure my 4yr old would crack her head open falling from it

Early 1800s Homespun Flax Blanket from theprimitivehome - imagine turning this into a lovely tablecloth or runner

Metal Film Canisters from SlothArt - could be used for storing spices

Biscuit Cutter, Scoop and Sugar Sack from AnnaBelleVintage -  the sugar sack would make gorgeous linens or a pillow and nice, big scoop for baking

Vintage White Batter Bowl from jenscloset - perfect for small batches of pancakes

Wire Egg Basket from findingfabulous - definitely wouldn't get hijacked into holding mail

I'm headed to the Kane County Flea Market this weekend - can't wait to share my new finds!


Cristy (Garden 22) said...

What fantastic finds! We have the same sense of decorating style :) As a matter of fact, I use several bowls like that to hold things like potatoes, garlic, or peppers from the garden and you are right, it looks lovely! Thank you for the mention on your beautiful blog, Analisa!

jenscloset said...

Great blog! Thanks so much for including my bowl!

Alice W. said...

So adorable! You kitchen sounds dreamy ;) I am just in the process of purchasing my first home and dream of my own farmhouse kitchen - but you may find me on Hoarders one of these days because of my constant collecting ;) Thanks so much for including my petite bundt pans pulled this all together so wonderfully!!! Thank you ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your house and I haven't even seen it! :) lol Just those few pictures and the way you write about it, and I can tell it's lovely. Right now my fiance and I are renting so I have no desire to decorate and build something up too much when I know it isn't permanent. I can't wait to have a home that I can make my own and really be proud of. Also, that egg basket just made my heart race a little. :)

ethanollie said...

love it all! and thanks for having me...

AnnaBelleArts said...

Lovely blog! I'm thrilled to be included in this feature, thank you :)

Allan said...

I never even thought about using my canisters for spices. Brilliant! Thanks!

TheFancyLamb said...

Great picks, Analisa! I have my grandma's vintage Pyrex on the countertop, cute dish towels hanging from the oven handle...I totally know where you're coming from. It takes thoughtful little touches like that to make a kitchen and home more "you."