Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dress Yourself in Vintage

I have a love affair with vintage. Clothes, decor, jewelry, all of it. In order to avoid going bankrupt I'm starting a new series on my blog featuring vintage sellers and items. Dress Yourself in Vintage is inspired by lillyella's blog - if you haven't read it, stop right now and go. Read. I'll wait.

Okay, are you back? Her blog is wonderful. I love her features, her recipes, her eye for beauty. Her Couture du Jour challenges inspire me to put things together in a way that's beyond an Etsy treasury - I'm sure she'll get tired of me submitting outfits ad nauseam (not that I'm going to stop) but I thought I'd share some here as well.

This week I was inspired by a twitter link from Dear Golden Vintage. Lauren tweeted several links to a shirt, skirt and scarf that coincidentally made a picture perfect outfit (I added the mesh peeptoes that I wish I could squeeze my size 9's into):

Canteloupe Pointelle Knit Top

Black Chiffon Flounce Skirt

Reptile Print Silk Scarf 

1940s Black Mesh  Peeptoe Pumps

You can also check out her blog here Dear Golden Blog


lauren said...

fantastic! thank you for the feature here :)

this outfit looks so so good all compiled together, it's making me want to keep all these items!

lillyella said...

oh how I LOVE that outfit! I would certainly wear all of it. And isnt it the worst when you fall in love with shoes that don't come close to your size? I've *seriously* considered cutting off my toes on more than one occasion…

Mireio said...

Fabulous outfit. I'm loving that skirt!