Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day of Beauty

It's still summer, right?  I know we're all getting sick of the heat and humidity, longing for chilly days of scarves and sweaters, but we still have a whole month of August people.  Around here, September can be pretty steamy too. Today's Day of Beauty is featuring crisp and refreshing bath products to help us get through those dog days of summer.

This week's featured shop is Wicked Soaps.  If you haven't tried Misty's sugar scrubs, you haven't felt smooth skin.  Every night, after I get the child to bed, I reward myself with a shower to wash off the grime, sweat, mud, various toddler messes -  her absinthe sugar scrub is so cool and rejuvenating.  Sometimes I switch it up with rosemary mint. My skin literally feels like silk - noticed by the most oblivious of husbands.  She has so many scents - an ice cream assortment to get through the days of heat summer still has in store.

She even has a clearance section right now - Enjoy!

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WickedSoaps said...

You are amazing! Thank you so much for featuring me :) xoxo