Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heart a Day - Day Three

Cold Hearted, Heart a Day, Day Three

I was so disappointed that my heart snowball didn't work yesterday, but it reminded me of some candy heart molds I had leftover from last year's Valentine candy making craft night (which also didn't work out very well).

I added some red food coloring and water and got these pretty heart ice cubes - they even turned my seltzer water a pretty shade of pink. A little red dye number 5 never hurt anyone, right?

Though I don't recommend these silicone molds for brownies or muffins (they stick) they make great ice shapes!


My Hideaway said...

Really cute! Would be great for a party, not just Valentine's Day but also an engagement party or something like that.

JarosDesigns said...

Oh! That's a great idea!

Waterrose said...

Those are really cute. Red's suppose to help keep your stomach calm when you are ill...reason you get a lot of red jello in the hospital.

Hannah said...

So pretty! i love how the turn the water pink, yum! They'd be even tasteir if they were frozen strawberry juice! mmm x your pictures are amazing,