Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart a Day - Day 7

That's Amore! Heart-A-Day, Day 7

This one was delicious - followed Pioneer Woman's pizza crust recipe - a staple you should have in your arsenal for seriously yummy homemade crust - added fresh mozzarella and prosciutto, oh and this basil infused olive oil, soooo good.

Sadly, husband had to work tonight, so I ate my little heart pizza all by my lonesome - don't worry, I saved him half - it can be like one of those best friends charm necklaces, or a broken heart? Hmmm, that's probably not good, maybe I should just go polish it off, you know, for the sake of our marriage.


Paperdoll Accessories said...

YUM!!!! My hubs is out tonight as well! Too bad we didn't plan ahead, I could come eat that other half!

Hollie May said...

i want thatttttttttttttttttt