Friday, October 15, 2010

Fine Art Friday - Pink Whimsy

When I decorated my daughter's nursery I picked a lovely pale pistachio for her walls, with lavendar details and frog prince accents.  She's turning five this month and is questioning my taste.  Here's a recent conversation.

Daughter: When I was a baby, I couldn't talk?
Me: Right
Daughter: So, you couldn't ask me what color I wanted my room to be?
Me: Right
Daughter: So, you just painted it your favorite color?
Me: Right
Daughter: But, I can talk now.  My favorite color is pink.

I'm fine with pink, pink can be very pretty but I don't want her room to be PINK.  So I'm trying to put together a mood board to really wrap our heads around the new direction for her room.  Perhaps you underestimated the scale of this project? ;)

I found a beautiful hand sewn pink and white quilt at the flea market the other day and she's over the moon, snuggled under it every night since.  I've decided on two pale pink walls and two off white walls to make it a little less PINK.  This Fine Art Friday I'm looking for art to decorate her walls - hope you don't mind this little trip to the realm of whimsy!

And then we were three by SusannahTucker

Tea Party by amberalexander

Whimsical Bird Collage by Sascalia

Fine Art Friday is a movement started by artist Jessica Torrant that uses twitter, treasuries, blogging and facebook to find and discuss new artists and favorite works. Search the twitter hashtag #FineArtFriday to see what everyone is talking about and share your favorites!

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My Hideaway said...

That conversation made me laugh! It's good that she knows what she wants. Great artwork finds.

Jess said...

Beautiful choices. I especially love the conversation between you and your daughter. I have definitely had similar ones with my 4 year old son :)

I would love to see pictures when her room is finished!!

Cristy (Garden 22) said...

Aww, this is adorably sweet, I love it!

Susannah said...

Too cute! Your daughter sounds a lot like mine (4). The things they say!!!! Thank you for including me in your lovely space.
Susannah x