Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baking Gift Guide - for the Vintage Home

I've been putting together treasuries as gift guides lately - I would love to finish my holiday shopping this month so I can focus on baking, cooking, decorating and crafting in November and December.  Here's one I put together for the baker in the family, who also has a love of vintage.

  1. Antique Pumpkin Glaze Mixing Bowl from susantique, $39
  2. Two Vintage Pestles from cottagefarm, $32
  3. Linen Pinafore with Flowers by MyHappyHome, $35
  4. Four Vintage Egg Cups from lapomme, $38
  5. Old Muffin Tin from Fortsville, $5
Or, mix up a batch of muffins with your little one and while they're in the oven, read In the Night Kitchen together.

 You can see the entire gift guide here:

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