Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Lake House

This year my Mom, Aunt and I planned a ladies week at a lake house in tiny Wautoma, Wisconsin.  We had some requirements for our lakehouse: sandy beach, a pier to sit on and ponder, air conditioning and WiFi.  We found exactly what we were looking for and though the weather didn't cooperate all week, it was a very relaxing get-away.

Little Hills Lake is this amazing spring fed, COLD but quiet oversized pond, I mean lake.  Did I mention it was cold?  Kelly wasn't bothered by the water temperature at all - she was swimming at every possible moment.  My Mom was a trooper too, but the rest of us sane people only ventured in to our knees.

The hammock where Kelly said her "troubles melted away".  Troubles like, how many squares of Hershey bars will Mama give me tonight? How late can I stay up? and Can I go in the paddle boat by myself?

The paddle boat was my favorite, we went halfway across the lake one night - I loved that after 4:00pm it was a no wake zone so us little boats could coast without worrying about rogue waves.

We had a few rainy days but even then it was nice to stay in our pj's till evening, working on puzzles and crafts.  We shopped at local antique stores, bowled a round at the tiny local bowling alley, made s'mores every night, ate at a few supper clubs - man I love complimentary pickled herring.

An entire week was a long time for us to be away from Gary, by the end Kelly was getting a little weepy about missing her Da.  Skype helped, but I'm not sure I'd keep them apart for so long again.

I'd love to plan another trip next year with the husbands, we're gonna need a bigger boat.

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outodry said...

This sounds absolutely lovely. What a peaceful way to spend a chunk of summer!