Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Clockwise from the top:

Bad Ass Alley Cat Brooch by RoyalMint, $23

Mean Vegan Cat Canvas Tote Bag by bonspielcreation, $42

Fifi Shirt by PoisonPaws, $35

Cat Nap by jamieshelman, $20

We've been looking for a kitty for months, well Kelly and I have, Gary not so much.  After taking in a stray cat in May then finding his owners we were feeling a little bummed.  Plus, we have a bird and a dog, we needed a cat to fill in the predator/prey circle of life.

Meet Jinx.

We adopted her from a local shelter, she's about 2 months old and craaaaazy!  I haven't had a kitten in 18 years, seriously, I counted.  I forgot they're tiny crack heads for 2 hours a day - but she's a sweetie.  The dog is getting calmer around her, the chaos that was our first few days had subsided, though there are a lot of scenes like this.

Note the cat being "held" in the child's lap and the imposing large dog nose. 

There are a lot of scenes like this too:
 You can't see it, but guess where the birdcage is?

It's a madhouse around here, but a fun one.


hmstrjam said...

ooo I'm so glad you got a cat! Welcome Jinx!

Marie (TheWhirlwind) said...

He's the cutest! :)

Brenda said...

She is adorable! And you are so right with the crackhead comment. :)

Jen Zwzzzzy said...

What a beauty!! :D There's nothing like looking into your kitties eyes. Melts my heart every time! Thanks for posting Poison Paws!

Orion Designs said...

she's gorgeous!

Gallery Juana said...

Those dreamy eyes! Love your photos and comments about Jinx.

I remember when I adopted two kittens and a puppy within weeks of each other. Crazy but happy memories.

Found your blog through your treasury on etsy.