Friday, January 14, 2011

Fine Art Friday - Still Life

Husband and I have been dieting this month so I seem to have food on the brain - at least it's all healthy!
Oregano - Garden Series by GottulaStudios

Persimmon by hartart13

Oranges by moulton from prattcreekart

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Clair Hartmann said...

Thanks for including me!

Danee said...

Terrific blog- better than the "Etsy Findings" email. I Love your picks. Thanks for the Pantone 2011 colors, swatches, and your picks. Ironically I was planning on researching the Pantone "color of the year" today- several bloggers have mentioned it but I had not seen the exact color. Even more ironic because I have no idea Pantone did this until this year and your blog is about the 4th one I have seen it on. I wandered here after finding your Etsy shop (necklace on the front page) because I wanted to know what in heck a Druzy is. Had no idea the Pantone answers would fall into my lap so easily. Love your designs-including the Druzy- looks like you added glitter to top? I also wonder what you make the gold and silver petals out of- what is the base material? They are beautiful.

JarosDesigns said...

Thanks so much Danee!

Druzy are tiny quartz crystals that appear on stones they glitter like that naturally - I just love them!

The petals are all base metal and then sterling silver or gold plated.

So glad to have answered your Pantone question too!

Thanks so much for the kind words!