Friday, November 12, 2010

Fine Art Friday - Swarms and Circles

Watching a flock of birds dart and dash through the sky in some unspoken symphony - got me thinking about swarm behavior, migrations and the way geese fly at night to follow the stars. 

Claylight Sconce by lightexture

White Oragami Koi by Mabonaoragami

Polka Dot Mobile by kismetsunday

You can see the entire Fine Art Friday treasury here:

Fine Art Friday is a movement started by artist Jessica Torrant that uses twitter, treasuries, blogging, flickr and facebook to find and discuss new artists and favorite works. Search the twitter hashtag #FineArtFriday to see what everyone is talking about and share your favorites!


Sarah John Afana said...

This is like a dream...such fabulous finds!

styleforlife said...

I love how you do these posts...this one is incredible too!
xxxx Emily