Friday, November 19, 2010

Fine Art Friday - Homecoming

Thanksgiving is almost here, which brings travel, long roads home, shared stories and toasty moments in the kitchen.  This time of year can make me feel a bit maudlin, the romantic notion of homecoming is often not reality, the family drama, stress of the holidays - instead I'll take a walk under an amber sky, filled with geese and crunch through the last leaves of fall scattered on the ground.

Under Windblown Skies by drobart

Pears in a Row by AmeliaKayPhotography

The Journey by linzyarnott
You can see the treasury in it's entirety here:

Fine Art Friday is a movement started by artist Jessica Torrant that uses twitter, treasuries, blogging, flickr and facebook to find and discuss new artists and favorite works. Search the twitter hashtag #FineArtFriday to see what everyone is talking about and share your favorites!


Jessica Torrant said...

A fabulous collection and brilliant theme, as always!

Sarah John Afana said...

A fantastic suggestion for serenity.

styleforlife said... have a beautiful eye!
I just saw that you made FP on Etsy!
CONGRATS!!!! :-)
I am really happy to find you.
I am a midwest girl in LA.
I will be following your blog.
XXX to you- Emily

PS- Check out my giveaway! xxx

craftedbylindy said...

I love your blog and these posts are so beautiful! I love how you highlight a few of the pictures from each treasury. Wonderful!