Monday, July 16, 2012

Chore Charts and Expense Accounts

Kelly's desire for all things American Girl led to a real discussion on money and saving so we decided to start a chore schedule and allowance.  But how much can a six year old realistically do? I know I can't live with the way she makes her bed, she does her best but my chamber maid self can't handle it.  I know this is my issue.  We're starting with three basic chores - starting small won't set us up to fail.

1. Pets - Aren't kids supposed to be learning responsibility from pet ownership?  Seems I'm getting all the lessons. With very clear instructions on food serving sizes and constant reminders - we're not going to let the pets suffer - she can feed and water the cat and dog daily.  I put a water bottle in the fridge for her to fill the cat bowl to prevent the dripping walk from the bathroom with the cat's dish.

2. Hamper and PJs - Clothing on the floor makes my eye twitch, so we have fold pajamas and put them away every morning and put dirty clothes in the hamper every night on her list.  This is a reasonable request that I'm hoping will stop the trail of socks and underwear I'm constantly bending over to pick up.

3. Toys - Lastly she has to pick up any toys on the floor in the family room and her room nightly.  This seems like common sense, but we have seen otherwise.

I googled kids chore chart and found tons of free printable lists, we chose a Tangled theme this week, hung it in the kitchen and made a deal that if she checks every box in a week she'll get $2.00.  Too much? Not enough?  I don't really know what the going rate on chores is these days.

Do you have chore charts?  What are your kids responsible for and how much do they get?  What consequences are there when the chores don't get done?

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Cristy said...

We have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen, and this summer we have a list of age appropriate chores for each kid with monetary value next to it. At the bottom is a tally line where they can mark off the money they have earned. At the end of the week, Jim tallies the money and adds it to an iphone app to keep track of it, I erase, and we start over :) I think your list is perfect for Kelly! Good luck!