Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heart a Day - Day 55

Kelly and I made homemade pizza tonight, per her request.  This is a child who eats strictly chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and fish sticks.  Every night. Every single night.  So her request took me by surprise but I jumped at the opportunity.  I let her knead the dough, sprinkle the cheese - we had so much fun and she ATE IT! While still eating her first piece she asked for seconds, SECONDS!

Getting this child to eat has been a battle since birth.  I try not to make it a battle, I never make her finish her plate or eat more when she says she's full.  I never make her try new foods, but when she does I tell her I'm very proud.  Some days I swear she lives off crackers and milk, but she's not under weight or over weight, she's perfect, so I figure we're striking some kind of balance.

I want her to learn how to feel full herself, and portion control - I've heard studies reported on NPR that show that children know portion control better than most adults and children that are allowed to self control their portions have less tendency towards addiction later in life.  I'm trying child, I'm trying. 

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Coolkayaker1 said...

"child who eats strictly chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and fish sticks. Every night. Every single night."

Ouch. The portion appears to be only the tip of the iceberg: these foods are fat-laden killers. None should be on any diet as more than a treat once a week. Honestly. The fat grams on the package (% daily allowance) tells the story.

Nice post, JarosDesigns. Excellent photos as always. And candid writing. Happy springtime. Soon you'll be able to have outdoor hearts.