Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dress Yourself in Vintage - Rocky Raccoon

This Raccoon on the Green skirt from DearGoldenVintage is so adorable, I had to make an outfit out of it.

Vintage Raccoon on the Green Skirt from DearGoldenVintage, $25

1960s Vivid Green Blouse from starbow, $18

Amber Artisan Glass Earrings by WildWomanJewelry, $27

1970s Brown Camel Blazer from AdrianCompanyVintage, $37.99

Basket Purse with Handpainted Mushrooms from TagSaleFinds, $10

1970s Cinnabar Heels from DearGoldenVintage, $28


lauren said...

So great! I am happy someone else loves that little skirt!

Donna said...

What a lovely outfit you have created!
My little mushroom basket purse is in great company for sure.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute skirt & wonderful outfit you put together!

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

thank you! this is fun and lovely~ wonderful combination!

Jessica Torrant said...

You have exquisite taste - these finds are fabulous!