Thursday, April 8, 2010

oh, um, a FRONT PAGE

Okay, no big musings today but did you hear? My Color Story treasury was on the Front Page of Etsy today! Just look, over there, to the right! See??!! I was jumping around and dancing, that is, after the 4yr old allowed me to look at the computer in the middle of her Dora game. I've been making treasuries for awhile, I mean, husband even knows the term Treasury West - but this was my first front page. So excited. I wasn't feeling very creative today, but this lit a fire under me. Maybe I'll have some new listings tomorrow.

Totally off topic, I've also decided I like Kate Gosselin's old hair better. In case she was looking for my approval or anything. I think the new do is a little odd - it's like when Jennifer Grey got a nose job - she became unrecognizable and has never been Baby to me since. Who knows, maybe she wanted to be less recognized?

And to balance that bit of mindless chatter, I'm in the middle of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. *Britney Spears voice* "It's hard, y'all!" I've been reading garbage mysteries for awhile and jumping into it took some time. I'm a fast reader, but I've had to slow myself down and actually THINK while reading! Part of it is the financial muckity muck you have to slough through in the beginning, another set back is the screaming 4 yr old in the other room demanding my immediate attention. I've gotten halfway through and there's no turning back - but so far, I'm not sure why everyone lurves it so much.

Now that I've annoyed you with selfless promotion, tabloid fodder and criticizing a beloved bestseller I'll leave you with this: "FRONT PAGE y'all!"

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