Monday, November 9, 2009

Where do you get your mojo when you're sick

Caught the Stringbean's cold - it is a full force, breathing through oatmeal, throat like sandpaper kinda cold. It's sapping my energy and has obliterated my creativity. Luckily I had a few items that needed to get listed - mindless cut and paste work - but when I sit down at my worktable, I got nothin.

What really sucks, other than my nostrils trying to sip air through a straw, is that the cold medicine makes me sleepless. So I have laid in bed the past two nights, exhausted yet wildly awake, brimming with jewelry ideas. Not very good ideas, but interesting stuff. I keep rolling over to my notebook to jot them down in the glow of the baby monitor - I love trying to decipher my chicken scratch in the morning, even better are my sketches!

So, this has got me thinking about where creativity goes. When we're tired, sick, worn down - where does it disappear to? Are other people more creative when they're not at their best? Like stereotypical drug fueled artists, or heavy drinking authors - they seem to get their best ideas when they aren't at peak health.

I can only hope to coax my creativity back once this mucus feast is over! Now is time for some therapeutic cream of wheat - and hopefully at least 7 uninterrupted hours of sleep.

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